Picks aside, QB Ehlinger gets passing grade for opener

Picks aside, QB Ehlinger gets passing grade for opener


Picks aside, QB Ehlinger gets passing grade for opener

Quarterback Sam Ehlinger made the right adjustments, even if he didn’t make all the right throws, during the Longhorns’ 34-29 loss to Maryland on Saturday.

Head coach Tom Herman said during the Big 12 media conference call Monday that the sophomore signal-caller forced some throws late in the game, and attempted a few on third down the Longhorns might like to have back.

Ehlinger’s most notable adjustment made at the line in the second quarter was spotting wide receiver Collin Johnson in single coverage on the outside. After looking off the cornerback, Ehlinger hit Johnson for a 22-yard TD.

Ehlinger faltered down the stretch with two interceptions in the team’s final three possessions, including a forced pass into triple-coverage on the Longhorns’ final drive.

Herman later, in his weekly press conference with the media, said Ehlinger started slow – like the rest of the team – but played better as he game went on. “I was pleased with Sam performance, aside from the late interceptions,” Herman said.

Herman reiterated that his team’s loss to Maryland was “better” than Texas’ loss to the Terrapins last season.

“Even though the results in the two openers may certainly appear similar to the general public or fan, they felt much different to me and our staff and our team,” Herman said Monday.

–Steve Habel (@stevehabel), Field Level Media

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