Texas wary of TCU's team speed

Texas wary of TCU's team speed


Texas wary of TCU's team speed

Texas coach Tom Herman summed up TCU in one word: Fast.

Speed, and plenty of it, was most noteable reviewing TCU’s loss to Ohio State in advance of the Longhorns’ Big 12-opening game against the Horned Frogs on Saturday afternoon at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin.

“TCU has speed everywhere,” Herman said. “Their skilled guys on offense are fast in terms of wide receivers and running backs, a running back with a 93-yard (touchdown run)… against Ohio State, who has a lot of speed on defense themselves.

“And obviously on defense, even their front is fast and athletic. They played well. They came up a bit short, but it’s as fast of a defense as I’ve seen in a long time.”

Texas’ plan on defense against the 17th-ranked Horned Frogs is to try to keep everything in front of it and not allow the long plays that marked TCU close loss to the Buckeyes.

“Our defense has plenty of speed, too,” Herman said, who said Texas defensive coordinator Todd Orlando to be a little bit more conservative with his blitz calls than he was in the Longhorns’ win against USC, when they amassed 10.5 tackles for a loss.

Offensively, Texas will focus on a vertical running game and discard throws to the flat to help offset the Horned Frogs’ pursuit to the boundary.

“Going side-to-side is probably not (in the plan) — there’s going to be times and places for it, but in the run game you’ve got to go vertically a little bit,” Herman said.

“You’ve got to try to push some of these athletes off the ball a little bit, and find creases, and when they try to use their athleticism to avoid blocks, you have to make sure your running game is in sync with that.”

–Steve Habel (@SteveHabel), Field Level Media

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